A Lil' Trip With Them

As you can see from my older posts in this blog, I like travel for sure. I like to travel no matter who my traveling partners are. They can be either my friends or strangers I've just met. :)

I did my first traveling just by myself in 2011. Three months after I got a job. A month after I had my graduation ceremony. By traveling just by myself means I planned and executed it without any helping from travel agent. But before my first traveling last year, I've traveled (with my relatives before) to Gunung Bromo, Pare (Kediri), Biak (Papua), and Spore.

In the beginning of November, one of my closest friends asked me to join her short trip to Bandung. She simply asked me because she had a hotel voucher we could use. Well, what a chance! I personally needed a little sweet escape to refresh mind a bit. I said yes. So, Bandung we went.

It was actually my first time to travel with my closest friends. We've never had a chance to travel together since we're so busy with our own schedules. I was so excited to spend a night out of town with them. Not to mention the bigger excitement knowing that we would spend the night in a fine hotel for free. :p Since we only had weekend to be there, I told them to take travel car (to go to Bandung) and 'angkot' while in Bandung. They agreed. Well, let the journey began.

We didn't know where the specific hotel location was. I've googled it first and found out that it was near Dago. I knew where Dago was so I took it easy. In the travel car, we caught up stories. We took a nap right before arriving. Ha!

Once we got at Dago, we felt like wandering around, taking photos and enjoying our time. Until we got starve. I led them to WaLe (Warung Lela) in Dago Pakar to satisfy our hunger. I knew where it was, but had no idea which ‘angkot’ should I use. So, we just took a cab. Surprisingly, it was so near from Dago. It only cost you 12k, but the cab driver insisted we had to pay 20k. Whatever!

WaLe had a nice hill view with quite tasty of Mie Yamin. We really had our time there. While eating, we arranged where we should go afterwards. We listed some popular places in Bandung such as Batagor Riri, Yogurt Cisangkuy, Warung Ngebul (this is my suggestion), and Martabak San Fransisco. I know, we were craving for food, that’s why we listed many of them. :p

We didn’t think about how we went back to Dago. WaLe’s located was in Dago Pakar that was not accessible by public transportation. So…yeah... Can you guess what we’ve done to go back to the main street? Yep. We walked up and down the hill to get back to the main street where there was ‘angkot’. Maaaann! That was quite far. Haha..

We headed to the hotel to clean and rest a bit before checking into places we’ve listed before. The rain fell right after we were ready to hit the road. We stuck in the hotel because there was a fallen tree outside. Oh, well. The universe seemed wanting us to enjoy our moment in Padma.

We visited Warung Ngebul once the rain stopped. I was eager to see Warung Ngebul because I’m such a fan of Vabyo. I read his books, and now I wanted to see his small food shop and taste his food. I wish this night would stay forever. Good food, good friends, good talks. I couldn’t ask for more. We had a good night.

In the end, we didn’t check into all our lists. Guess what? We're running out of time. And a much more enjoyed spending time together. But we were okay with that. We took a lot of photos in and out of Padma. Our first trip together turned out to be great. And I'd like to spend another longer trip with them again. :*


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