We Are Rolling In The Deep

Last Tuesday, I managed to join Jazz Contemporary Workshop by Lauren Hughes, a choreographer from Sydney. It was held by United Dance Works Indonesia, remember this post? United Dance Works is a place where you can learn various types of dance (from Krumping to Swag, from Jazz Contemporary to K-Pop, from Hip Hop to B-Boy). Yea, I know! I've already became its member since last month. I took Open Class Membership in order to learn those various kind of dances.

Okay, back to the workshop. I was so excited to get in to her class, since I'm such a big fan of contemporary routines. I seemed to perk to know that she was going to give us a routine using Adele - Rolling In The Deep song. Don't laugh! I so much liked the routine she gave us. A bit more like lyrical jazz, yet didin't leave the contemporary things I like.

She choreographed her routine in front of mirror as this helps us see ourselves while performing the routine. I must say the choreography wasn't that intricate yet still physically demanding. From up and down, to jump and turn, from loose to bend. All mixed up in one choreography. I just sooooo loved it! Thanks Lauren and UDW for giving me such a fun and exciting experience to have. :)


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