Kumpul Bocah Production

I must say that I'm pleased to contribute myself in a project called Kumpul Bocah Production last June. It's an annually summer holiday fun program especially for special kids. It has not only creative and fun activities but also challenging and interesting things to do during the program. Say there are physical activities (a lot of them) to enhance their gross motor skills, fine motor activities to maintain their concentration and awareness, also leisure skills to just have fun.

I was actually helping my friends since they were the founder of Kumpul Bocah Production. I helped posting on its blog to get updated and was being a facilitator to accompany the special kids during a week. It was a fun and lovely experience to spend my first week of summer holiday being surrounded by the special kids (not to mention I earned money too.. hihi). 

*photos to come after permission granted ;)*

here we go! 


  1. tolong di update lagi blog kumpul bocah nya ibu vicky,,,,ihihihihihihi..terimakasih,,permisi,,,^^


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