Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 2

Missing The Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 1 last year has made me wait for another year to come just to join The Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 2. And yes, I'm joining it this year. It's like whoooooaaaaaa....!!!! Finally I can try how to dance Hip Hop, Jazz Contemporary, and Experimental Contemporary in a proper way. :p

It was such a fun and joy to know that there are so many kind of dance I want to learn. I started to dance when I was a kid. Thanks to my mom who firstly put me into an Indonesian Traditional Dancing Club near my house and performed it for the very first time when I was in kindergarten. Unfortunately, I had to postpone afterwards because I was having another favorite things to do which were Drum Band (in elementary and middle school), and theater club (in high school).

I started to dance again in 2007. It was when I got in love with Ballroom Dancing when I just got into uni. From then I never absent to come to its rehearsal once a week every Friday. Sadly, when I had a job a year ago I had to stop dancing again because the time didn't match. Fortunately, this year, I got some time off to come to Ultimate Dance Week Vol. 2 held by United Dance Works. I was soooooo happy to be able to join this dance week this year. There were 4 days and 10 dances that you could choose for free (you just had to pay IDR50000 for registration only). I chose Hip Hop, K-Pop, Jazz Contemporary, and Experimental Contemporary. Even though I missed the K-Pop because I was too tired dancing Hip Hop, I was beyond content to dance all those three. :))))))

can you see my wheel-barrel-teeth-smile? :D

after Hip Hop

photo courtesy: Harry Agustin and United Dance Works


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