The Raid

This afternoon I watched The Raid with my big brother at Teras Kota. I can't stop thinking about how crazily amazing the movie was (just to know that it was starring by Indonesian actor yet it didn't like one).

When my brother asked me to watch this movie I said okay just because it's been a long time since we had a quality time together. He said that it was a good movie to watch. There we went, to see The Raid.  

Since it was Indonesian movie that I was going to see, I left my expectation in my house. I expected nothing. Yeah, I kinda had a low expectation when it came to Indonesian movie. I guess you all were with me, no? So, I humbled myself just to see the flatness of the story, the ordinary settings, and the usual camera-angle. Yeeeeeeeeeet, it was SOOOOOO BREATHTAKING!! I couldn't stop my hand from covering my mouth. I couldn't stop my mouth from saying OH MY GOODNESS in an audible voice.

I must say that Gareth Evans, the director of The Raid, is a brilliant person. First, he founded Iko Uwais, the main character of The Raid. Second, he wrote the story for this movie. Third, he directed the all the characters.

 Iko Uwais, the main protagonist character, was perfectly fitted the role of Rama, the member of rookie SWAT. He totally could do Indonesian traditional martial arts, Pencak Silat. I think his smooth flawless traditional martial arts skills had beaten up Jackie Chan's. Hehe.. Ray Sahetapy, the main antagonist character, was properly fitted the role of Tama, the merciless and cunning drug-lord in charge of the apartment building. That another roles were also lived up to their role made this movie beyond great.

Talking about the settings and camera-angles, I was so in awe that they didn't look like the usual settings and camera-angle in Indonesia movie usually did. They were fun-tastic!

And for the story.. I think I will not spoil you guys. Cause I don't like the one who spoil the story. Just go to the nearest cinema where The Raid is playing and watch it in no time. I repeat, in no time. Roger that. 

Have a nice weekend, guys!

photo courtesy: Sony Pictures Classic


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