Night Sky

Last weekend I was meeting my high school friends after attending a wedding reception. It's been several months since the last time we met. Spending more than 3 years together has brought us together as a family.

We decided to release our stress level by having karaoke session and dinner together at Plaza Semanggi Sky Dining, Jakarta. We really enjoyed our togetherness accompanied by the greatest night sky above. We dined, chit-chatted, laughed, and shared our work life story. Sharing work life experiences has broaden our knowledge about it. What made our sharing session colorful was different kind of job we have now.

What made even more colorful was that we had our own problem related to the job we have now. Talking to them had made me realize that we had to share our problem even if its only a small stuff. Sharing problems with your beloved ones would really helped you find solutions from different point of views. You know when you kept it by yourself, you found yourself stuck in one solution that you thought it's right. You closed your eyes, ears, and heart from what might be another path to clear your problem.

Sooooo, share your problem with others. They may help opening up your eyes and mind into some better or nicer way to solve your problems.

Happy weekend! :)

night sky view from 10th floor


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