My Cup Of Coffee

Emerging adulthood is never easy. Emerge in this phase of developmental life means having issues with responsibilities, time management, emotional attachments, family matters, romantic relationship, and future plans. As I'm facing this phase of life, I'm facing with some of those issues.

As I am turning 23 at the end of this month, I find myself a lil bit tired, dizzy, and unhealthy. Tired of having so much work to be done and responsibilities to handle each day. Dizzy of facing this 'wishy-washy' weather that makes my body catches common cold easier. Unhealthy of lacking to have 8-hours sleep, lacking to have breakfast, lunch, dinner quite often, and lacking to have 'me-time' even just for a bit reading at the end of the day.

What I am facing recently is so fast and complicated. As fast as the moving electrons you found in thermal energy. This is happening at the office. I handle special needs children while at the same time I have to deal with people in arranging an Autism Awareness Event. It's tiresome yet an essential job I only have.

I know for sure that complaining will not make this even better. I know that I have to work on it and tell myself to hold on a lil bit more. I know I have to tell myself that it will be okay and at the end it will be great. And I will be proud of myself afterwards for passing this kind of matters.

Maybe I just need a lil hug and a silent wish to comfort myself at the end of the day..


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