A Special Envelope For You, Dad

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How are you? Looks like you’ve been forcing yourself too much working. Looks like you still work hard to fill our ends meet. Looks like you lack a quality of night sleep. Looks like you’ve sacrificed enough to make us get better education in this era.

When you are here, I see you everyday waking up early. When you are here, you often miss your breakfast mom has made. When you are here, you chaperone lil’ brother then you come to my boarding house, bring me breakfast, and accompany me to school. When you are here, you always bring home some foods we like. When you are here, you like to treat us in all you can eat restaurant because you know we like to eat that much.

You never forget telling us to study hard. You never forget reminding us to always do daily praying. You never forget to check up on how our activities going..

You must be very tired working so hard like that. Maybe you expect your daughter to be nice by giving you a cup of hot tea when you come home. Yet, what you get is only a glass of water. Maybe you expect your daughter to continue her master degree in psychology in no time. Yet, what you find is me enjoy working in an inclusive school. Maybe you hope your daughter to do pray on time daily. Yet, what you see is me sitting in front of computer playing games or watching kdrama when it's actually time to pray.

I am deeply sorry for not listening to you, for caring less of you.

I love you. And will always do.

Daddy's girl


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