B for Break, please?

Halloooo... Sorry for leaving this blog so long. My days and nights are so full with activities that need my full attention recently. That makes me hardly touch the internet to regularly post something here. Huff... But, here I am writing a lil bit. Two of my special kids are absent today because of sick so I kinda have a lil spare time to touch my lappy and exercise my fingers a bit. :p

Should I say February this year is the most busiest month ever in my life. The February just started yet I had already so much things to be done in no time. The first week I had IEP (Individual Education Program Plan) meetings with parents, like almost everyday after teaching time was over. Delivering the curriculum to the parents was never easy. We had to communicate well to them about what are we going to teach to their special kids this semester. They could also contribute what kind of subject they want us to teach them. When there is an agreement between the school and the parents, then the IEP is fixed and ready to be executed. The second week was all about Valentine Day's Event at school. We made the pink background, created Val's greeting card, and cooked chocolate bread to be given to special education teachers. Also, attended meetings for Autism Awareness Event preparation on April. Well, not to mention I still had a one-on-one private teaching after school time's over. Last night I found myself catch a common cold along with PMS. Oh, well. What a great combination, huh?

Sooooo... Can I have a lil break, pleeeeeeeeeeease?

photography: me


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