Into Rom-com

As much as I love korean drama, there were times when I didn't feel like watching any.

Oh, how come?

The so-called kdrama lovers is not watching any kdrama?

Such an irony, I know. But it is true. There were moments when I felt like it was too much. I have had enough. And the dramas were so heavy my brain could not take it. Lol. Well, just like a year ago when I pondered a lot which to watch and did a complete research before deciding what to watch. Just because..

Recently, this kdrama lover feels the same feeling again. However, this time, I feel like, my heart tells me to watch, but my brain says enough. So I often go back and forth scrolling all completed kdramas. I'll stop whenever my thumb feel like to. And it's often stop at something with the unchanging theme: ROMANTIC COMEDY. Oh boy, my taste has changed.

I think I know why do I feel like to watch something light, with no plot twist. Maybe because my real life took a lot of my attention. Maybe I was too exhausted with work and family matters. Sooo, when I'm drown with tons of work and family matters, there is this kind of feeling to watch. To watch something light to relieve what's on my brain. To watch something that is no brainer to relax my muscle without going to the gym. When this time happens, I feel like marathoning a kdrama. A romantic comedy kind of drama. Just to have fun.

I usually marathon a rom-com drama in 3-4 days during weekdays, or 2 days during weekends. Although getting panda eye is the the price to pay for late night watching, I feel like paying it every time I need it. Watch then finish it no more that 4 days. The first 3-4 eps is the hardest time. It's critical because it determines how can I relate with the characters, how can I befriend with the flaw of the story, and whether I continue or just drop it. When it really gets me, I couldn't stop. I keep on watching till the end. And when it ends, it feels like saying goodbye to your long best friend. Because me and the characters in a drama have become one. Inseparable.

Now, do you have any recommendation for me to watch next time?


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