Currently Watching [NOT]

As much as I love korean drama to the moon and and never come back, I find it very strange for me to think and re-think a lot what kdrama to watch daily. There are many kdrama(s) that I happen to miss their run weekly these days. Ha! This is just not me. Why? What is happening to me? Self?? Are you changing now? *insert thunder back sound here*

Back then, I could get upset easily if I ever missed an episode. I tried my best to make time everyday. I knew what to watch daily, I knew what shows aired on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I felt the urge to watch an episode daily just to fulfill my craving for "uri oppa" on screen. I could even put my sleep on hold just to make sure I had clicked the start button on my favorite kdrama every night.

But now, I am very selective and careful on clicking the start button. I even ponder or do a research about its plot and casts before deciding what to watch. I am watching according to my mood. Everytime I feel like watching a kdrama, I will go to dramabeans to see reviews on Team Dramabeans: What We're Watching and make a decision based on their opinions. I find their opinion valid and works on my taste of kdrama.

As for now, I've been randomly watch the first eps of Suspicious Partner, My Sassy Girl, Chicago Typewriter, Man to Man, Mystery Queen, nad My Secret Romance. I am now trying to watch the first eps of Circle, Tunnel. Lookout, Fight My Way, Whisper, Ruler--Master of The Mask, and The Best Hit. Well, as I am now on holiday mode so I think I will be able to 'eat' them before school starts. So, let's!

P.S: tell me what kdrama you are watching by commenting on the post below.


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