Hello 2018!

I intended to write this post at the beginning of 2018. Now, five months have passed in a blink. I think it's still okay to greet the last semester of 2018, yes?

I am going to have a new journey in relation to my work. It is quite a huge leap for me to be trusted and to be given a great opportunity to evolve and develop as a human being. I used to want this kind of opportunity when I was younger. You know, when you were younger, you tend to have a wild imaginations about your future, of what you wanted to be and to do. However, when you are getting older and you have experienced good and bad things, you slowly start to think whether it is a good thing or not. You are hesitating with your own choices and are confirming again with your supervisors if the decision is final.

So, after a long self-talk(s) and discussions with my superiors, I finally allow my self to take this opportunity with positivity, hoping it would be another learning(s) for my self. To learn about patience, kindness, being firm and punctual, priorities, assertiveness, team work, communication, coordination, and managing emotions. One at a time. Slowly, but surely. And I hope I have some fun along the journey. Bismillah.


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