Currently Watching [KDrama - Oh Hae Young Again]

I saw this drama all over the streaming websites but did not have the desire to take a peek into it deeply until one night, when I had enough with works. I decided to take a look.

The first 15 minutes was shown beautifully I almost cried. I just knew that sound director existed and it was good to know how he worked on making sound in every movie. The creamy scenes caught my attention the most that I thought I was looking at somebody's dreams. Well, who knows that maybe in the end all of this were just a dream?

I have no prior knowledge on both main actors. My korean student told me that Eric was an idol in 1990s. That was quite an understatement because I thought Eric nailed it in delivering Do Kyung's role. While Seo Hyun Jin was as much as quirky as Our Oh Hae Young, which is great. But somehow I saw her as Yoo In-young as they share the same of face line whether it's because of surgery or not.

However, I enjoyed the on-going show so far. I'm curious as which path this show is going to bring us up. Comparing people based on their names and appearances are somewhat cruel and hurt both people being compared to. Yet, the show must have a reason and motive behind it, must not it? Well, I do hope a happy ending for Our Hae Young regardless how painful the journey she's faced since.


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