A Retired Motorcyclist

I remember when I was a child, we were using public transportation in our daily basis. My parents taught me if I wanted to survive in the city, I must have conquered basic skills of using public transportation. So, I was pretty much used to get in and off angkots, buses, and trains.

Once upon a time, my parents was able to own a motorcycle. I was so happy back then that I infrequently took public transportation as they would love to take and pick me up by motorcycle. I had a dream to be the one who was behind the handlebar of motorcycle just because I thought it was the coolest thing to do.

Ultimately, I could say that I got my driver license and was the one driving the motorcycle once I grew up. The time I was on the streets, I was so pleased; feeling the breezy wind, seeing people on motions, and being the decision maker of my own path. Until I realized that I was going to retire, in no time.

Experiencing falling and getting hit on the streets was one of the main reason I retire from being a motorcyclist. I realize Jakarta's streets is too hard and dangerous even if I have already been a careful driver. I can see most of the drivers are hot-tempered, reckless, and they are mostly a traffic lights rule breaker (not to mention their arrogant behavior to be the fastest driver on the streets).

Being on the streets was not a traumatic events, seeing people got hurt on the streets was. I witness so many accidents both being a driver and a passenger that hinders me from being the one behind a handlebar. I could not get a thinking of me being hurt on the streets. I did not even dare to wonder about it. So to minimize the scary thought, I put my helmet down and gave back the key to my parents around 3 years ago.

I am now a happy passenger, though. I still use motorcycle as one of the fastest transportation in the city. I still enjoy the breezy wind and people in motion. I even still the one who decide where to go. It's just that I'm not the one behind the handlebar. And I'm quite happy about that. :)


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