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I'm a fan of Hwang Jung-eum since Kill Me Heal Me hit last year. So I'm pretty much following her work ever since. Reading news about her teaming up with Ryu Joon-yoel for MBC new rom-com excites me. I have no idea of Ryu's work before since I was not interested in Reply's series (Although people said it was a hit. And maybe there's a chance I'm gonna take a look during holiday. Ha!). But I was quite in awe seeing his quirky appearance especially his unusual face, so I got invested in him. It's his eyes that captivates me the most.

I have no prior knowledge about its webtoon so I have zero expectation. Since Hwang Jung-eum can play any kind of role (well, mostly Candy type) I give it a try. I like how the show sets the heroine as a smart girlin the first place rather than just a candy type that can't do anything on her own. It's just the circumstances that limits her from shining and owning a happy life. For Ryu Joon-yeol, I guess I'll just have to wait till the show's over to comment him. But now, I'm as happy as I am just looking at the main leads. Ooh, Wednesday-Thursday y u no come everyday?


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