Welcoming April, Not!

Shoot, it's May already and I'm here piling up all drafts to be posted but haven't got a chance to finish them. I'm sorry (not sorry) again, and over again.

When I thought April would be nicer for having a break from tons of work, I kept drowning into more works without even thinking that it passed by in a blink. When I thought April would be a great time to take a deep breath and refresh mind and body, I missed time to spend with my family. When I thought April would be awesome to catch up dance classes, I skipped several dance classes to attend more work.

And it's May already. A month in which I will be getting more work to be finished before the summer holiday starts. Sigh. At times like this, I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day. I wish I had the power to overcome sleepiness that attacked in the day. And I wish I had Doraemon with me that will always help me like he always did to Nobita.

Oh, I wish.


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