!nspyro Moves

Also at the beginning of May, I had another chance to join Contemporary Workshop held by !nspyro Moves in Bandung. I had joined this workshop before and been attending ever since. I personally think that I need to gain more experience and knowledge by taking workshop from another dance creators, choreographers, and gurus to broaden my knowledge and let myself grow, as a dancer.

In this workshop, I took 3 beginner classes of Ryan Man (O School Singapore), Arudhra Krisnaswamy (The Royal Dance of Singapore), and Jessica Christina (Bandung). Besides taking the classes, I also watched 'MOVES', a dance performance by Ryan Man, Clarice Ng, Arudhra Krisnaswamy, Olivia Wiguna, and Hari Gulur. I was in awe seeing them on stage dancing their own piece with their own style.

Some dance colleagues I knew was asking why I took beginner classes instead of intermediate ones. It was because I felt the needs to learn from the basic because I was lack of basic ballet techniques. Hence, taking beginner classes was a good thing to do for me.

I must say I learned a lot from each classes. Every class offered different kind of warm-up variations, basic techniques to practice at home, and even inspiring dance quotes. I was so happy to be able to spend my long weekend here together with my dance-floor soulmate and !nspyro Moves. I wish they will hold more events like this because I would definitely grab my spare clothes and drive to Bandung straight away. Ha!


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