Currently Watching [KDrama - Beautiful Gong Shim]

I did not intend to watch this show before because I have several dramas I have already spotted on and waited for them to be released. While I was waiting and was getting bored (especially with all the works I have to meet the crazy deadlines), I tried the first episode with zero expectation.

The first episode got me hooked with the weirdest main characters. I did not know that Nam Gong Min has a charm to be good in a weirdest possible way of being male lead. Moreover, Minah has really drown into Gong Shim that I see her as a real Gong Shim. I have no record of Minah previous work in drama, but I really admire her character so so so much. She might have the ugly appearance outside, but she truly shines with her warm heart and sharp words.

Watching on-going kdrama is like a torture for an obligation to wait 6 days in a painful state wondering when will Saturday and Sunday come. Sigh.


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