Miracle In Cell No. 7

Scrolling down my blog draft I find out that a review about one of my favorite korean movie is far from finish. So here I am continuing my feelings towards one of the saddest family movie.

I heard people talking about Miracle in Cell No 7 for quite some time. But I haven't been able to spare some to look it up. Until last year when Pinocchio Kdrama was coming to and end. I was not ready to be parted with Park Shin Hye just yet. So, I searched for another dramas or movies she was in. And I came to watch Miracle in Cell No. 7.

I thought about "I am Sam" a lot for the first 15 minutes of watching it because of its main characters. The main characters were a mentally handicapped father and a loving daughter. From that moment I knew that I would shed tears as the movie went on.

I like how the director made a very intimate story about father-daughter relationship with a touch of mentally handicapped challenges and law of justice. I like how the story delivered a heartwarming yet saddest story ever told. They have successfully deliver the positive messages about the irony of justice from somebody's point of view with everlasting factor to be put in: TIME. I managed to let myself refrain from crying for the first 10 minutes. As the story went on, I could not hold it any longer. It was just so sad. I wish I could do something to help myself feel better by whining and complaining to the court and telling them how bad they were in handling the case.

Overall, I think I could say that my faith in humanity has been restored. Period.


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