Currently Watching [KDrama - Oh My Ghostess]

I'm actually not a fan of ghost (horror thingy) just because it doesn't suit my personal taste of fear. So. I pretty much back off when there is a drama bringing ghost team. But, I was interested in Master's Sun (yes, that famous Master's Sun) because of my teenager crush, So Ji Sub, was being the male lead. So I kept my fear hidden in the brain storage just to see So Ji Sub on screen. Ha!

There was not much ghost-story-kind-of-drama after Master's Sun. Until I read a news about Oh My Ghostess, starred Park Bo Young and Kim Seul Gi. OMO! Just by reading the name of the casts, I'm already sold. People usually watch drama (either korean or any kind) because of its male lead. But not me. Not this time. Oh My Ghostess captivates my heart amazingly by its amazing female lead.

It's only eps 2 and Oh My Ghostess has already made me laugh and cry earnestly. Gosh! Can we make it into daily drama instead of weekly? :D


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