Raya is Coming!

The Holy Month is already coming to an end. This is maybe the fastest Holy Month I've ever experienced in my life. While I was busy finishing all my schedule, the Holy Month went in the blink of an eye.

I still have the moments before Raya Day to clean my heart and mind from all negativity that is struck out like a dust in the corner of the closet. I'm hoping to wash all of the bad habit and overthinking before Raya is coming. Because you know, those can kill you from the inside. So, it's a perfect time to do some detox for a heart and mind.

Well, while I'm at it, I still have time to find a perfect piece of scarf for Raya. As I search around the internet, I find various kind of scarfs that will be useful to wear. It's pretty much affordable with quite range of collections. Please, check their collections here. You may end up buying one or two. ;)


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