Private Sessions

As you know already, I have side job in my spare time besides teaching at school. I.......teach in private. Pretty much the same you think? Well, actually it's not. I teach special needs kids at school while I teach regular teenage student in private.

There are a lot differences between them. My kids at school barely talk. They need prompts to talk. Not all of them respond to what the teachers say. So, it's the teachers who have to encourage them to talk more (or even to produce sounds). On the other hand, my regular teenage students talk more. I mean......A LOT. Sometimes I just don't know how to respond to their statements. :p

My story with regular teenage students revolves around the words the students say during my sessions. Most of them are (quite) funny (I think) while they think (they're not). They often talk about themselves, homework, and all tasks or projects they have to do every single day. They think too much about studying, about their scores, how they're gonna finish their abundant tasks. Though, I find their statements quite hilarious. Here are some.


Situation: I'm wearing loose black pants with cute red sweater on top
A: Miss, why you dress up like a high school girl while you're not?
Me: Ow, do I? *looking at myself*


T: Miss, how could you look older than Korean idol who is the same age of yours?
Me: you think I should undergo a plastic surgery?
T: No. I don't like plastic surgery.
Me: So... what you're trying to say is?
T: Nah. Never mind.
Me: .....................


A: Miss, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: What do you think?
A: No.
Me: .................*speechless*
A: You should find a boyfriend, Miss.
Me: Ow, should I?
A: Yes, because your age is enough to be married.
Me: Ow......kay?


T: Miss, you have to teach me until I get to High School.
Me: Yea...... Wait, what?


A: Miss, I don't get it. *yawning*
Me: Of course because you're tired.
A: Yea, but I still have to study until late night or my mom will kill me.
Me: Wait. What?




  1. Ya ampppuuuunnn, itu muridnya minta di-cubitin atu-atuuu...


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