Emergency Couple

Currently watching Emergency Couple (and some other drama) won't hurt you. Moreover, watching some K-drama during your mid-semester holiday will help you feel fresh afterwards. Okay, this reason works only for me. Good, if the reason works for you too. Too bad, if it does not. You should find something to make you fresher during your holiday. ;)

I found out this drama when I browsed for My Love From Another Star news in drama wiki. Browsing here and there had led me finding this Emergency Couple new drama. I fell for it the first time looking at its promotional posters and photos. In addition, the synopsis which is about a divorced couple who met again as an intern in the hospital and the comedy/funny genre that filled the genre column really held my brain. Since then, I watch it weekly on weekends.

As I'm approaching a quarter century age this year I feel like marriage life kind of story suits me better. The couple (Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min) in this drama decided to married early (in their twenties) without getting their parents permission. They said they loved each other to the moon and back and married themselves against their parents' objection. Predictably, their marriage life was full of struggle and fight. They couldn't stand it. Then they decided to break up because it was too hurtful for both of them. Six years later, they met accidentally as an intern at ER (Emergency Room) Hospital. Things started to slightly change as their journey went on in the ER. And things would never be the same again.

The story is quite unique. Not only dealing with patients and having surgeries but also hospital bureaucracy nepotism are shown in some part. That hospital should help people without looking at their economic nor status background but merely because they need help is one of the message. That balancing your professional life (as a doctor) and personal life (as a lover) is not easy. Several scenes make me shed tears. Some make me critically uptight. Some make me go "awwwww". But, mostly, make me giggle or even laugh my ass off. If you happen to be a medical student, you'll heart the medical words they use frequently here. As I am not, I'm getting used to the difficult medical words they use for almost in every scene.

I like how Song Ji Hyo interpreting her character as Oh Jin Hee as pure, cheerful, and pacifist. While Oh Chang Min is just good-looking and attractive man. On the contrary, I like Chief Gook Chun Soo who is harsh  and cold, full of principle and lack of flexibility in the workplace. I like another character which is Shim Ji Hye, a calm, elegant, smart, and capable medical professor who can do Ballroom Dance.

The conflict goes intense as the episodes coming to an end. Emergency Couple shows how people take everything (include a person we love) for granted until they are gone and keeps us thinking how precious they are when they are next to us. I don't know what the end will be. I don't want to guess either. Whether Jin Hee will be happy with new person (Chief Gook Chun Soo) or back together with Oh Chang Min. I'll just wait next week and another week to find out..


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