A Reward

I can say March is my month. I'm always excited embracing this month every year. Because I feel like I have the right to ask for things I want to the closest people (related to my birthday). I usually use the right to get things I want or need (but basically it turns out that I always ask for the things I want not simply I need). Oops. Although at the end, I'm not always get those things, but I really get presents. Birthday presents. And, that's enough.

As March was approaching, I didn't have a thought about asking for things I want (or need) anymore. I feel like it should be me who give myself a present as a reward. A reward for being alive for quarter of decade. A reward for surviving 10 years living alone. A reward for letting myself grow through ups and downs I have. So this month, I'm gonna use my privileged as a birthday girl to...........fly around and have some fun traveling to the north west. ;)


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