My Love From Another Star

I swear myself after The Heirs I will stop watching new Korean Drama. But then again I am not keeping my own words as Lee Ho Joung continuously asking me to see My Love From Another Star just because she loves its male lead actor. Hah!

Here I am glued to the bed while putting my laptop on my lap watching My Love From Another Star. I couldn't stop giggling in my heart the first time she told me the story was about an alien came to Korea in Josean Era and had lived for almost 400 years. His love story began when he met a girl. How cheesy the story I thought would be at that time.

In fact, I got myself wrong. I enjoyed watching this drama as much as I enjoyed sharing and discussing the story with Lee Ho Joung every weekend. We often laughed together over the funny scenes, felt 'awwww..' over the romantic ones, got mad every time bad people came out, and were suddenly gloomy over teary moments. :')

As this drama is coming to an end (actually, its ending has been aired last week), I don't wanna it to end. I heart Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun acting so much. Jun Ji Hyun's role was a combination of sassy, sweet, sexy, witty, and snotty. While Kim Soo Hyun's role was a bit cool, quiet, a bit cynical and grouchy yet good at heart in helping people. They both had made a great couple on screen. I like many scenes picturing their comical relationship. Their scenes never fail me. Especially the scenes when they were both in a state of romance then the next the second they totally drowned into silly moment. Well, I think they both rock in every scenes they were in. They got the right chemistry together. *standing ovation to Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun*


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