We Love You, Mas Daniel

Time flies fast that I couldn't even have time to break from daily routine. Working every day till late night, skipping dance classes, and thinking harder as I'm dealing with several projects at school are what I'm drown into for this past few weeks. And those activities make me feel like I can't even have a me-time. I barely have a proper way to welcome this month. Geez! I just realized how fast time is approaching the end of semester. And the busiest weeks are about to come since I'm going to make reports by the beginning of November.

Well, I should thank my older brother for I still make time to come home for a while to celebrate my bro's birthday last week. I collaborated with his girlfriend to make a lil surprise for the one that we love. Funny that we love the same man in a different way of love. I just came home without giving any reason and together with her we bought the cake, pizza, and drinks for dinner. I know it's not much. But, knowing that we eat together as a family in the middle of our own busy schedules meant so much. :')


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