PTD Bosscha with Sahabat Museum

On Thursday, My mom and I managed to join Sahabat Museum PTD (Plesiran Tempoe Doeloe) in going to Bandung. One of the visited place they offer was Observatorium Bosscha. I've had great intention to go there since long time ago. Yet, I wasn't able to go there due to several reasons that I couldn't solve by myself. So, when I found out that Batmus (stands for Sahabat Museum) were going to hold an event to Bosscha, I didn't have any hesitation to join them directly.

In fact, not only Bosscha that we would visit, but also several historically architectural places that were made by.......err by..... apologize for I can't remember his name. Upsie! Yeah, I didn't know before that there would be a guest speaker who explain the main reason why people built those places at first in Bandung. And now, some of the places has been changed in terms of use functions.

Well, let's just skip it since I'm not good enough in retelling story regarding old architectural thingy. :p
The schedule was so tight. We had to be at the meeting point at 6 in the morning to eat breakfast and then off we went to Bandung at 7 am. The traffic was good so at 9:30 we touched down Bandung already. We visited ...... a big military based in Bandung. I heard that people prohibited to come closer to take a photo of this place because of the military privacy. I also heard that the security pointed a gun at a person who had an intention to take a picture. Hiiiyyy.. Thanks to Batmus that I could take as many pictures as I wanted without having a gun pointed at my face. :p Overall I think this place is so clean and very structured, and the people there were very warm and kind. I managed to take a picture of infamous three naked men on the outside wall. Funny to hear that before there were people who put some kind of clothes to cover the sex part. :p

We went to Gereja Bethel afterwards. I can't tell you much about this building because I wasn't pay much attention to the speaker. I was busy capturing good picture about it yet I think I was not able enough to find right angle to make a good result. Just not yet...

Eating at RM Misbar for lunch was quite entertaining. I love the place, the ambiance, the food, and the decorations. Eating there was totally a mood booster for me. Yay! Next, we headed to Cipaganti Mosque and Villa Isola inside UPI to see and hear its architectural design. Then, the last place to be visited was Observatorium Bosscha. There were art students who were doing their project. Coming from a person who can't draw, I think his drawing was so good. I was also amazed with Villa Isola buildings and its surroundings. Felt like I was somewhere far away from home.

Visiting the last place was really a great way to end yesterday journey. I love Bosscha so much. The place was green and quiet. It was a perfect place for introvert person like me to just sit down under the tree, read a book, enjoy the summer breeze, see the bright full of stars sky (hopefully with the loved ones to spend the time with). The Bosscha crew were so helpful in giving us explanation about planets and space kind of things. This made me wonder about how big the galaxy was. And that there were so many things we didn't know yet about the spaces.

I felt grateful for joining this trip along with my mom. We had much fun.We had the chance to meet new people and to eat a lot of good food.






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