Our Special Stories

Remember my post about #AutismAwareness months ago? Yep, the last unfinished project is now finished. I can't thank everyone (involved) enough who help me through all the journey. Ups and downs along the way are just a process that I we enjoy every single second.

Now, I proudly present to you: The very first #AutismAwareness Book from Special Education Departement SCB -- "Spesial" Cerita Tentang Kami. It's a book is written by all Special Education SCB Teachers. This book is all about our (teachers) stories and experiences in dealing and handling special needs students. There are happy, sad, and funny stories inside. Hope this book feed your souls enough. Enjoy reading! :)

P.S: there are several special needs studnets' arts and writings inside

Photography by me and N Z Anastasia


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