Watch Out!

Remember my old post about my uni friends here? I was meeting them days ago before Ied just to put in our longing to the same bowl that we share together. Guess, we missed our togetherness back then when we're just plain silly freshmen. :p

Everything has changed now. Every little bit of ours. Some of them are wearing hijab. One of them is married and is now having a baby in her tummy. One of them just got a promotion. One is searching for a new better job. One is confuse whether to take a new profitable yet demanding job or not. And me... trying to reach my dreams, one by one

On top of it, we're still friends who still need each other to talk to. To share stories we've been through for the past year. To get what we called "best-friends comment" simply to get their blessings of what we've done. At the end, we just need our togetherness is in the air again. :')


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