Hello guys! It's "Lebaran" here in Indonesia, so I would like to say Happy Ied for those who celebrate it. I deeply apologize for any mistakes I've done. May our heart and soul back in peace.

Talking about my mistakes back then, such a shame that I couldn't even keep my promises to update my blog regularly. I thought it was easy, you know, to spare some 15-20 minutes each day to write here. In fact, I still couldn't do it. I've made promises I couldn't keep. :(

You can't lie when your mind and heart are occupied with something bigger, you just can't focus to do what you usually do, (like writing in this blog for example). Yes, I've been occupied with something that I can't tell you guys. It's just that I have to think about it very carefully about the goods and the bads side if I choose something. Something relates to my future. Something I will do to keep me alive. Something I will do to make my ends meet. Something I will do simply because I love doing it.

I know it's not an instant process to think about it. To think about which one to choose. To choose among several possibilities. Possibilities that either will lead to my bright-shining future or otherwise.

Well, let's hope I'll choose what fits me best to lead me to a bright-shining future, will ya? :)

Home-made Rendang by my mom! YUM!!!


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