Hello-It's-Been-A-While Post

I know that I was just posted several days ago, and my last quality post was about 6 months ago. I know I always give an excuse for not writing for so long, yet I keep doing it again and again. And that's why I put the title as it is because it's like my another "Hello, it's been a while" saying to this blog. So, for not making myself more guilty, I did some changes on the looks. But I'm still not satisfied with it. I need to check the settings tab more and do a lil' experiment about it since it's freee yay...!

Okay. So, I thought I was embracing what 2017 would be on my last (year) post and now 2017 has gone almost half of it. Geez! I really need to manage my time wisely and try not to give and make any excuses for not posting for ages (read: I have to reduce my korean drama binge-watching drastically). I won't blame my addiction to kdrama nor my poor time-management skills because I have been enjoying all of those things recently (read: I've been enjoying real life for the past 6 months, haven't been I?). Ha!

Well, the first semester of 2017 has been an emotional roller coaster ride. I was assigned to lead four co-workers at my job and that was a tough one. I did not know it was that hard to be a leader. I was and am still stuck on the thoughts of reducing my love to eat and to follow some diet tips and plans. I followed some, loss some but gain more as I was being inconsistent to the plans and that maybe because I was just love to eat. I was down by the fact that my first Korean student was going back to Korea to continue her academic journey and that I will really really miss her. I'm starting to snapchat her daily. I love to dance but I don't know why my interest to dance weekly grow less and less. I'd rather find another activities to do or just find excuses to not go. But I'm still eager to find another dance classes to satisfy my hunger of sweating-while-dancing.

I think something is wrong with me. I think I need to find back my drive and motivation to.. to become the old me who is full of energy and eager to do whatever it takes to pursue personal-long-term goals.

Am I getting old?


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