Kill Me, Heal Me. Will ya?

OMG! I super duper love this drama. I mean, how could you not? Seriously. I was drowning into it.

I was watching Hyde Jekyll Me when I knew about Kill Me Heal Me. A drama based on psychological disorder. Yap, I think kdrama writers have been engaged with psychological disorder for quite some time. Two big TV station have been airing the same theme, and only one that caught my eyes entirely, Kill Me Heal Me.

I could not think of better cast for the male lead other than Ji Sung. He portrayed Cha Do Hyun very well. His acting was beyond compare. It was amazing. I gave him four thumbs for being able to swap smoothly among personalities. Even I believe that he had 7 personalities. His eyes talked that much about each personalities. Not only his eyes, but also his talks and accents while speaking was so convincing. Let's give him an award of best actor already!
The female lead was perfectly matched the male lead. Hwang Jung Eum delivered the role of Oh Ri Jin pretty well. I definitely could not forget her laughs and her silly behaviors being Oh Ri Jin. These two were heavenly a perfect couple for psychiatrist and a person with DID.
These two would not be able to make good drama without supporting actors/actress. I must say that all supporting actor/actress did a great job to support the lead actor/actress. Without them, I think the show was quite boring.

OMG! The plot was superb. I love how writer mix the present with the past. I love how writer put the humour in perfect timing without losing its seriousness. I love how the dialogues synchronized the scenes. I'm so so so loving it.

I'm just gonna ask you to witness it by yourself. And I'd be glad to accompany you to witness for a thousand times more, just because...........


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