A Present For Myself

I can not believe I'm turning 26 this year.

For twenty six years I have lived in this earth. I have experienced ups and downs. I have faced what Life has given me, either good or bad. I have passed through a remarkable journey of being me. But, I'm still learning to overcome what's in front, in a beautiful way possible. Without letting myself turns worse. Without giving harm to people or myself.

So, giving myself a lil' present would be nice. A lil' present for being able to live for 26 years. A lil' present for surviving life beautifully. A lil' present as a motivation to dream bigger.

Jogjakarta was my destination. I brought along my Arians friend. (Yes, we're a proud Arians). We've been friend since uni. Even though she's quite unique (I'm talking about her characteristics here *insert wheel-barrel teeth emoticon here*), we share same thought about how do we do when we travel. So, I really enjoyed her company in Jogja.

It was a blessing after all. A lil' present that I gave to myself was a precious one. :)


  1. Kak Vicky, ada itinerary nya ngga kak? Mau jalan2 ke jogja juga nih hehe


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