Hot & Cold Trip

When the dance part was over, I started the travel part. My friends and I were going to Dieng, Central Java. Why Dieng? Well, firstly because I found an extremely affordable (a.k.a cheapest) open trip from a friend of mine that made me directly registered myself. The other reason was because I wanted to know more about my country, Indonesia. So, yeah. There I went.

I knew almost nothing about Dieng. I was also mistaken the outfit to wear there. Haha.. You know that I was planning to bring shorts and all kinda summer clothes which were loose, light, and and used cotton materials? Until my brother asked me why I wasn't planning to bring thick jacket, gloves, socks, and knitted hat. Oh well, my bad for not doing a lil' research for a place I was going to go.

I didn't know before that this open trip was even bigger than I imagined. There were over 100 participants registered in this trip. I mean, I've never gone somewhere with a huge number of unknown participants unless joining a study tour with all my high school mates. Those people I knew better. But this trip was a new experience for me. I was just hoping that this would be okay. How could you manage so many heads into one direction that would make all happy? Makes sense? Definitely not. But I was trying to enjoy it.

The 'hot' part came in the very beginning. We were scheduled to leave from Jakarta at 7 pm. It turned out we left at 9:30 pm. I just couldn't calm myself for this capriciousness for I kept telling myself to be a punctual person in daily life. Not at all. Sleep was the only medicine to calm myself during the journey.

You know, once your schedule is late, it leads to another schedule tardiness. And another 'hot' part continued. We were expected to arrive in Wonosobo to transit and transfer into another mini bus at 7 am. Yet, we arrived in Wonosobo at 1 pm. The organizer was kinda screwed this trip out. My anger was going to explode to them unless I got some new friends to talk to in the mini bus. Thanks guys! :')

So, we visited Museum Kaliasa Dieng first (and it's already 5 pm). Even hunger attacked my stomach for I (we) haven't got aa chance to eat lunch on the way there, I still managed to enjoy every beauty it served. Colorful flowers, little rock made stairs, green green grass were everywhere. With 7 celcius degree temperature, I felt like I was somewhere out off Indonesia. You know because Indonesia I know (I mean Jakarta) never has this kind of temperature. Like ever. Even I could have foggy breath. Wasn't that cool? At least I thought it was cool since I've only seen it on TV when it's winter. :p

I got a chance to try Mie Ongklok, local signature dish. I drank hot ginger ale to keep myself warm. And I breath in a very fresh air. How could I not be grateful for the little things I got at that time (despite the 'hot' part I faced before)? Think, life is balancing itself.

We're like catching up the time to get all what's written on the schedule lists. Hurrying ourself to go to Dieng Plateu Theatre afterwards to see a short movie about Dieng's natural beauty. We went back to the homestay to clean ourself up then made it to see the lantern and Wayang Kulit (shadow puppets). Busy day it was.

Next early morning, we were ready at 2:30 am to go to Sikunir Hill to catch the sunrise on top of it. I know, I was like half zombie who are ready to kill all human being for waking me up in the middle of the night. Knowing the temperature out there was almost 5 celcius degree made me wanna just hide inside the blanket.

Dark and cold were the best combination to make you stay inside a house near fireplace. To know more that we're going to go on foot and climb the hill to catch the sunrise made me a lil bit scared out of hell. I mean, I once climbed a mountain back when I was in Uni with an expert team. But now, I'm older and there were so many people who didn't know how to climb, even some of girls were wearing flat shoes. how could you imagine that? You could slip yourself with those pretty shoes. Geez!

Let's skip that part. So, I made it to the top without losing my breath. The sunrise was not really good because the sky was a lil bit cloudy and gloomy. We went down to go to Telaga Warna (kind of lake that could shine different color). Went back to homestay and saw Dieng Culture Festivals the annually cutting shabby hair tradition.

Well, it's been a hot and cold trip I've ever followed. Yet, I'm still grateful I've experienced this kind of journey. I learn to know myself better when facing this kind of situation. I make some new passionate-about-travel-friends. I try to see every beauty that lies in the nature. And I clearly want to explore my country more.

For now I know that Dieng is not only famous for its natural beauty but also its unique art and cultural attractions. For over the last 3 years, Dieng Culture Festivals is held to attarct domestic and international tourist. Dieng Culture Festivals is definitely the annually largest festivals held in mountain area. You can see cutting shabby hair tradition, art, crafts, and cultural attractions. You don't wanna miss it next year. ;)


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