A Beautiful Week To remember

At the end of June, I signed up myself to follow Intensive Dance Course 2013 for one week. What made me signed up for this of course because the teachers were from So You Think You Can Dance Australia. I'm a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, so I'll do anything (well, not really) to get to know them in person. Fortunately, I have a month off from work to join this. No body could dissuade me from this event. :)

A week before it was started, I told all my significant others that I'm scared. Could I follow their routine? What if they made such a difficult routine for advance dancers? And another what-if's continued swirling in my mind. Thanks to my closest ones for giving me such a positive encouragement to embrace all the movements they would give me.

The dance week started, and I couldn't be more happier. I enjoyed every second I spent in the studio. I embraced all the pain I got afterwards. I tried hard to follow every routines they gave me. I was addicted to the positive energy they spread around everyday. I couldn't tell you how much I wanted the week to last for a month. And maybe to last for a year. Damn!

At last I know, it will be a beautiful week to remember for the rest of my life. :")

P.S: you can peek the video here

Jazz Class Level 2

Contemporary Class Level 2

The Last Day
Post Jazz Showcase

Post Contemporary Showcase
Our goodbye letter to Sarah Boulter

Our goodbye letter to Stephen Tannos


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