No Complain Week

Last month I challenged myself to join No Complain Week (part 2). Again, I missed part 1 because I didn't pay much attention to my timeline on twitter. Yes, it was on because someone (on twitter, for sure) had made up an idea of having seven days (in a row) a week without complaining.

It started on Monday which ended in Sunday. First day, I felt like I could blow up like a volcano mountain anytime. It happened when I wanted to complain about something yet suddenly I remembered that I was in the middle of no complain week. Day by day I realized if I kept myself in such a happy mood, always smiling and think in a positive way, I barely complained to what I got nor face.

The point I've learned from joining this positive activities is if I can control what to show through my facial expression, which is be happy anytime, I barely complain nor show bad mood through my face. Even it was difficult at the first time, when I finally got 'thing' (on how I should do it), I survived. ;)


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