Currently Watching [KDramas - Uncontrollably Fond, Bring It On Ghost, Wanted, Doctors]

I am sooooo happy knowing that this summer has a lot of interesting KDramas line up. I wonder what makes the writers and producers produce such a nice drama at the same time. Because now I need more than 24 hours a day to slip away from my daily routine to check up on them, everyday!

Anyway, here are some that I'm watching in the middle of my busy routine:

1. Uncontrollably Fond

Uri Woo Bin Oppa is baaaaack! Aaaaakkkk, I could not be happier seeing him on screen twice a week. Aaaaakkk! Okay. I know I'm too much screaming but seriously I have been waiting for him to be back in dramaland since The Heirs (2014). It has been 2 freaking years!

Despite the dramafan-war among recent kdrama (in which UF is one of them) and one of the more buzzed-about-projects since the beginning of the year, I'm in love with this show. UF has become one of my favourite not only because of its enganging and surprisingly moving plot but also because of one major factor: KIM WOO BIN. (I could watch every kdrama he's signed on for like ever). The complicated backstory catches my heart and it accounts for the present-day tensions. I wonder how will they resolve and handle the emotional pain of their past? Regardless, thankyou very gamsa show for letting us having an eyegasm with the work of Woo Bin's abs. Ha!

2. Bring It On, Ghost!

All drama with Kim So-hyun in it would never go wrong. The child-turn-adult-actress Kim So-hyun has the magic in delivering her roles on screen. Be it a bullied student, a mean Joseon Princess, or a bubbly wandering ghost. In TvN newest ghost-busting drama, she played a student/a badass bubbly ghost who can surely fight. I was thinking Taecyoen had a weakness in acting. Yet, Kim So-Hyun was sooooo great in acting. So I was wondering how he will put up with her level.

Turns out I'm enjoying the first 2 eps and wanting for more. I love seeing the female lead throw some punches and kick some asses together with the male lead. They make up a solid squad of ghost hunting. In addition, there is another pair of quirky and weirdly passionate ghost hunting group of In Rang and Chun Sang. I think the four of them will surely make the show more interesting.

3. Wanted

I get the vibe of God's Gift: 14 Days while watching this. I have no expectation watching it though I just get bored waiting for my fav ones to be released. I don't buy Kim Ah-joong's acting as a Hyun Woo mum. Although it gets the suspense and tense, I feel something's missing. I don't know whether it's the plot, the cutting scenes, or the acting. Well, maybe it's just not my kind of drama. However, I'm a bit surprised of myself that I keep watching it till the end rather than just drop the rest of the eps.

4. Doctors

Hail Park Shin Hye! I guess I'm so gonna watch all her drama despite the genre she's in. I love that she always puts all her energy to turn herself into her character in a drama. She never fails me. In this recent medical drama, Doctors, she plays a role of 31-year n female neurosurgeon with complicated backstory. Again, I love that she has fight skills. The first 4 eps have been my fav in all.

Unfortunately, the plot does not go well with what Park Shin Hye has as an actress. It goes to waste as the plot just drags out too much to fill in 20-eps length. Moreover, the character development seems a bit subdued for 20-eps length. However, I keep watching it for the sake of Park Shin Hye. Ha.


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