The Con Artists

Been eyeing for its premiere since last year, yet just had the chance to allocate some time to watch it. I'm totally a satisfied viewer just because I'm a big fan of Woo Bin Oppa. Still, this movie is not flawless. It's quite good for you who wants to take a break from routine. Here, why you may drop your your schedule to take a peek.

1. The Casts
The one and only bad-ass looks, Kim Woo Bin. He is one of a kind. Since he always plays a bad guy, this kind of role suits him well. That he has a devilish charisma of being a bad guy. He plays a genius safe-cracker. Basically we call it a thieve, I mean he is a thieve. But there is something fishy behind. There is a reason why he is being one and why he want to retire. That, you should have to find out yourself. Moreover, your eyes will be indulged by how gorgeously tall he is. :D
While a safe-cracker can not work alone, he needs a hacker to make him invisible during the operation, and another man to help him catch up with plan B or just to buy him some time while he's in the middle of cracking. I guess this what the movie lacks. The don't describe the sub coordinates well. Hence, it only goes around the lead man, Kim Woo Bin whereas Lee Hyun Woo and Go Chang Soek are putting their heart into their roles.

2. The Story-line
Its story-line is okay. I feel like the pace is too slow in the first 15 minutes that I was having intention to stop watching. But I barely managed and the rest was quite tense. I like not only how they twisted the end but also how the plot is going now and then. They did not reveal it in a sequence. They showed us gradually according to what the present scene is up.

3. The Actions
I should say I'm pretty sad about the action scene because Woo Bin oppa did not fight much (yeah, I like seeing him fight in School 2013 more). But, it does not mean that the actions were bad. It just that for an action movie lover like me who watch The Raid and its sequel, I feel like the action scenes here is somewhat trifle. :p

4. The Details
I appreciate by how Korean movie tried their best to work on details. And they almost did a great job unless they screwed the safe-cracking scene in which I feel it too easy and he was not even sweating doing that kind of work under pressure. I wonder how Korean man still look so good even when he is fighting or doing rough job (unless it's Running Man where they totally look real).

Overall, The Con Artists is a movie you can watch in your spare time. Watch it now or later is not a problem. That will be a problem if you are a big fan of Kim Woo Bin. ;)


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