Tuesdays With Morrie

Before holiday started, I let myself wander in the school library.

"It would be good if I could find a decent book to fill my holiday", I thought at the moment.

My eyes stopped at the sight of brown little book entitled 'tuesdays with Morrie' by Mitch Albom. I've heard about Mitch Albom before but haven't read any of his book. So, I thought that would be my first Mitch Albom book.

I did not expect it to be beautifully-grabbed-my-heart's-attention.

It's truly beautifully written book. Hyperbolic, you think? Maybe. Maybe not. I think it's well written. Albom might write for only fourteen Tuesdays he had been spending time with his coach, Morrie, but I feel like it's a lifetime inspirational book on how we perceive life (or death).

I won't spoiler you with what's on the book. I'm just gonna tell that this book truly moved my heart (and brain), gave myself a new perspective on how to face life (or death), made myself to be even more grateful for what I have now (friends, families, acquaintances whom I can talk to or just share what's on my mind). And that's what I called a good read. :)


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