D & K Wedding

This day I will marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with,
live for,
dream with,

~ Author Unknown ~

Last night, I went to Diat's Wedding (Ditta and Kiat) at Kembang Goela in Plaza Sentral. This is one of thousands wedding that I attend wholeheartedly. Why wholeheartedly? Because this is one of the wedding that I do make the time to go, that I do intuitively buy presents for the bride and groom, that I am happy dressing up and wearing make up and high heels, that I am willing to socialize at the party. Hell, they were my ballroom dance mate since uni!

I can't remember how happy I am meeting old friends, giggling over funny lines, dancing up together, and catching up stories. Surely, Ditta and Kiat's Wedding has united ballroom dancers alumni into one. Togetherness. In a very special moment. To know that Ditta and Kiat also met on the dance floor back in the past.

Enjoy the little things, D & K.
In sweet companionship and love, together may you keep the road through many years, D & K!

Photos by Ramot Stephanus


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