Little Heaven

Living just by yourself is not easy. It will never be. It's even harder when you start to live by your own in your teenage period. But, I've passed through this period triumphantly. *a proud woman*

I started to live by myself when I was 15. Exactly when I entered high school. At that time, I was accepted in the public school located in South Jakarta. The school was so far from my parent's house which was in Tangerang. My mom and I tried to go to school from home. We went at 5 am yet we arrived at 7.30 am using public transportation. I was like whaaaaaaaaatttt??? From that time, my mom decided to put me in a boarding house near school.

Hearing their decision shocked me. I thought they were kidding me. How could they be so mean to me? How could they put a-15-year-old-girl into a boarding house? Didn't they want their only daughter to be at home everyday? Was it because I was so rebel during my middle school years? Many questions popped up in my mind. Neither me nor my parents could answer them. Of course, I never asked them those questions too. :p

Now, I can only feel grateful for living on my own in my teenage period. I feel grateful for letting myself grow through challenges and hard times there. I feel grateful for having such a nice and helpful landlord. I've learned a lot during my late teenage period.

I've learned how to live by myself. Living by myself means having enough independent-living skills, such as sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, making the bed, tidying up room (you name it). I've learned how to take care of my own self when I was sick and nobody I could ask for taking care of me. I've learned how to solve problems by making up a decision and having a logical thinking. I've learned how to make friends and mingle with them. I can't thank Allah enough for the precious moment I've spent there. It was like a lil heaven.


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