Things I Want To See In Korea

I've never had an intention to lose myself knowing all about Korea unless I have a 12 year old Korean Girl private student. She has been my private student since last year. And I've been wondering about Korea for like 6 months by now.

From the first time she is asking me Korean stuffs, all I can say is just, "what's this?, "what's that?". And she replies with, "you don't know this and that?", "how could you don't know this and that?", "this and that is popular, you know?". And come out explanations from her about this and that.

As a private teacher, I lose face. How could I didn't take a little research about her hometown before I said yes to her mom's favor to be her private teacher. Fortunately, she's a nice girl. So, she tells me about what's in Korea. I remember once she asked me whether I knew Lotte World, the largest indoor theme-park in the world, or not. I definitely said no at that that time simply because I didn't know it..........yet. Just because she told me that, I waaaaaaaaant badly to go there to see how it looks and enjoy myself drowning in imaginations. 

Lotte World

Then, she asked me again whether I knew Hanbok or not. Certainly, I didn't even know a lil' bit about Hanbok. There she explained me again. Even, she show me the miniature of Hanbok so I can see it for real. Later I know Hanbok is Korean traditional dress. It usually has vibrant colors, wrap-around skirt, and a blouse like jacket (correct me if I'm wrong). Oh now, I just die to see the real (not just the miniature) Hanbok and wear it to see how it looks on me.


This one just made me feel more ashamed. She asked me why I used Samsung as my gadget. I said just because it's very functional for my daily activities. She added, "it's made in Korea, you know?". I just knew it. Gosh! Everyday I see my gadget yet I didn't know before that it was from Korea. I'm eager to see more of it!

Samsung Galaxy Gio
I am grateful that I can see and taste Korean food day by day because of her. I know what Kimchi, Takpokki, Ramen, Rice Cake, and some other name (I couldn't remember) seems and tastes.

Ramen and Kimchi Jun
Now, as I already know Korea stuffs, I am willing to know more about Korea. I want to see more. To know and see its culture, its food, its technology, its ancient historical places, its recreational places, and not to miss seeing its K-pop fever. I'd be delightfully happy to go to Korea and enjoy all I can see there. Please, please, pretty please, let me go there Asian On Air Program! :)

Lotte World photo is taken from here
Hanbok photo is taken from here
Samsung photo is taken from here
Ramen and Kimchi Jun is taken from my personal galery


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