Friday I'm in LOVE

It's Friday already. Been spending my first week of my holiday doing #KumpulBocah project. And now facing the second week by dancing all day long. The second week is coming to an end in several days, yet I still haven't got a chance to have a holiday (by holiday I  mean going to places I really wanna go, like beaches).

But it's okay for me, since I'm not planning on going somewhere this summer holiday hehehe.. Over all I just do what I love do; dancing, eating, sleeping, watching DVDs, dancing again, eating again, sleeping again, watching DVDs again, repeated in a circle.

When you still get times to do what you love to do, just do it. Enjoy every single second you have when doing it. Cause you don't know whether you will have those time again or not in the future. Love your free times!


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